Antoine Augusti

Hello World, I'm Antoine Augusti

Cool facts about me

I am a passionate software engineer. I'm comfortable around and interested by distributed systems, API design, automated testing tools, machine learning algorithms, system administration and networking. I have been involved at different levels in a lot of sectors: Internet service provider, car rental, sea rescue operations, customer service, fraud detection, inspiring quotes for teenagers, gaming servers, equity crowdfunding, bioinformatics... Did I mention that I'm French?
I love to learn. As part of the Entrepreneur of General Interest program started by Etalab, I'm working at the Maritime Affairs around data related questions for sea rescue operations. I studied at the INSA Rouen and the University of Rouen with majors in software engineering, machine learning and data mining. I discover new things and keep me up-to-date by reading books and technical articles. I try to improve my skills in my free time with code katas and by contributing to open-source projects. I also tried to wakeboard, but I'd rather not discuss that.


I am giving classes about web technologies and numerical arts at Sciences Po Paris and Reims. Topics covered are: algorithms, HTML, CSS, Internet architecture, history of the Web, writing small programs and web pages.
I am giving some classes about NoSQL databases versus relational databases and practicals session in networking about packet switching, bridges, VLANs, DNS and DHCP to engineering students in their fourth year.
I mentored online students in order to help them obtain certifications and diplomas. I helped them learn the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, relational databases, object oriented design, web server administration and basic networking.
I helped non-technical employees discover databases and learn some bits of SQL to help them get the data they need to answer questions. This was also an opportunity to show what are the various components behind a typical web application.

Personal projects

Teen Quotes

Teen Quotes lets teenagers share their daily thoughts and feelings. With more than 4M followers on Twitter and 2.5M visitors on the website since the beginning, Teen Quotes is quite popular.

I'm the founder of the website. For this project, I implemented the responsive website and the API. The entire source code is available on GitHub. I also moderate quotes so if you want to know what a 15 year-old teenager thinks, ask me!

Quantic Télécom

Quantic Télécom is an Internet Service Provider for students. At the beginning in 2011, I took part of the implementation of our network in datacenters and residences by installing some servers and antennas. Today, Quantic Telecom is now an established company.

As part of a three-member team we developed a complete public website and some advanced administration tools: billing, support, statistics, security.

Open source projects

In my free time I write and contribute to open source software. That's my way to say thank you to contributors around the world that are building the amazing tools I use everyday.

And many other projects I have used and where I have just sent 1 or 2 pull requests. Many thanks to all the amazing open source contributors and projects. I owe you.

Latest articles

I try to write an article every now and then. If I didn't write in the last month or so, I probably should have done so.

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